Arexco has a monthly production capacity of 500MT through Anodizing plant with 3 numbers of 35000 AMPS rectifiers.

While our standard coating is 12 – 15 microns, special Anodizing can be done up to 25 microns as per customer demand.

Profiles up to maximum 6.5 meters length can be anodized.

A monthly volume of 200 tons can be polished in our polishing line with 3 polishing machines. In our laboratory, the whole process is consistently checked and controlled by our Technical staffs/Chemists.

Arexco assures best anodized quality products


 Annual Plant Capacity

 6000 MT


 10 – 25 Microns

 Plant / Tanks

 24 Tanks


 3 nos, Total of 35000 Amps

 Profile Length

 6.5 meter max

 Contact / Jigging Mark

 Max 40mm on both sides

 Standard  ISO 7599 – 2010