AREXCO is equipped with 2 state of the art automatic horizontal powder coating lines with “I Cotrol” supplied by Nordson USA. Two vertical powder coating line with annual capacity 30,000 MT.
AREXCO follows BS 6496, AAMA-2603-PEF, AAMA-2604-SDF, AAMA-2605-DURASOL and Qualicoat standard. AREXCO has a state of art laboratory for in house testing, all test performed as per Qualicoat standard are mentioned below,

Gloss : ISO 2813 using incident light at 60 degree to the Normal
Coating Thickness : ISO 2360
Adhesion : ISO 2409
Indentation : ISO 2815
Cupping Test : ISO 1520
Bend Test : ISO 1519
Impact Test : ISO 6272-2/ASTM D 2794 – class 1 powder coating
ISO 6272-1 or 6272-2/ASTM D 2794 – class 2 and 3 powder coating
Machu Test : ASTM-B117
Polymerization Test


 Production Capacity  

 30,000 metric tonnes / annum


 Metallic, Pearl & Sahara

 Types of powder

 PE PU, PE-F, SDF (super durale finish), Durasol

 Powder Coating Thickness

 60 – 80 Microns

 Profile Length

 7 meters